Fertilising Made Simple with Kendon High K Foliar Fertiliser

The Importance of Fertilisation

Fertilisation is crucial for cultivating healthy crops. Research by John Kempf suggests that most crops achieve less than 50% of their potential genetic yield, both in the USA and other regions. To overcome this limitation, farmers must prioritise proper fertilisation practices.

Every farmer aims to maximise yield and nutrient density, minimise pesticide usage and achieve visible crop quality.

At Kendon, we believe that these goals can be accomplished using broad spectrum Kendon High K Foliar Fertiliser. Backed by scientific research and real-world results, Kendon High K can be your key to higher crop productivity and quality.

Why a Foliar Fertiliser?

Foliar fertilisers (fertilising the leaf) using EDTA chelated trace elements offer numerous advantages that make them an excellent choice for growers:

  • Fertilising made simple: for all fruit and vegetable crops for all growing stages except at blossom time.
  • Quick Nutrient Absorption: Nutrients, including trace elements, are rapidly absorbed by plants through their leaves and roots. With foliar fertilisers, some nutrients can reach the plant’s root system within an hour of application.
  • Leaf Energy Production: Leaves act as mini solar panels, producing energy through photosynthesis. By optimising leaf health and energy production, crops can experience increased yield and quality.
  • Increased vigour: boosted nutrient density, better appearance of produce, improved storage quality.

Benefits of Kendon High K Foliar Fertiliser

Kendon High K offers a range of advantages to transform your crops:

  • Enhanced Nutrient Bioavailability: Kendon High K foliar fertiliser contains chelated trace elements, which are quickly absorbed by leaves, supporting essential biochemical processes.
  • Immediate Leaf Absorption: Kendon High K is a liquid that ensures rapid absorption by leaves, delivering nutrients directly to the plant.
  • No Leaf Burn: Using low biuret urea, the nitrogen is immediately usable by plants, promoting amino acid and protein synthesis without causing leaf burn.
  • Residual Nitrate-Free: The absence of residual nitrate in leaf sap prevents potential negative impacts from insects and ensures plant health.
  • Increased Leaf Sap Brix: Proper use of Kendon High K can raise the percentage of leaf sap sugars (Brix) within minutes. Higher Brix level above 12% can protect plants from insects and fungus while enhancing fruit quality, surface colour, strength, nutrient density, and sugar levels.
  • Reduced Fertiliser Waste: By providing nutrients directly to plants, foliar fertilisers minimise waste and ensure efficient nutrient utilisation.
  • Reduced Fertiliser Application: The efficacy of Kendon High K allows for a potential reduction of up to 70% in fertiliser application rates, leading to cost savings and environmental benefits.
  • Potential Reduction in Pesticide Use: Improved plant health and stress tolerance can result in decreased pesticide usage, reducing spraying time, and cost.

Warning:  Avoid Sulphate Trace Elements

Aim to increase the percentage of leaf sap sugars in your crop to more than 12%.

Check the trace elements in the fertiliser you are currently using.  If they are sulphates we believe they are a cheap source of nutrition that can take months before they are nutritionally available to the plant.

The soil plays a crucial role in making the trace elements available for plants to absorb. Trace elements in sulphate form are not directly usable by plants. Soil microbes have to break down the sulphates and transform them into a different chemical form that plants can absorb through their root system. The plants can then absorb these transformed trace elements which are essential for their growth, development, and overall health but the process can take months.

Five Ways Kendon High K Enhances Crop Productivity:

  1. Nutrient Supplementation: provides essential nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and chelated trace elements, directly to plants, overcoming soil limitations and improving growth and development.
  2. Rapid Nutrient Absorption: By delivering nutrients through leaves, ensures quick absorption, meeting plants high nutrient demands during critical growth stages.
  3. Correcting Deficiencies: Foliar fertilisers quickly and effectively address nutrient deficiencies, preventing negative impacts on yield and quality.
  4. Enhanced Nutrient Use Efficiency: Targeted nutrient application through foliar fertilisers maximises nutrient uptake and utilisation, minimising losses and promoting higher crop yields.
  5. Stress Tolerance and Plant Health: Foliar fertilisers improve overall plant health, making them more resilient in the face of various stresses such as drought, disease, and environmental fluctuations. By providing plants with essential nutrients directly through the leaves, foliar fertilisers strengthen their physiological processes, enhance root development, and improve photosynthesis. These factors collectively contribute to increased stress tolerance, enabling plants to better withstand challenging conditions and ultimately leading to improved overall plant health and productivity.

Fertilising is uncomplicated with Kendon High K foliar fertiliser.